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  • X-Pro C_Pre Wax Gel with Satsuma_200 ml

X-Pro C_Pre Wax Gel with Satsuma_200 ml

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Product Code: X-Pro C_Pre Wax Gel with Satsuma_200 ml
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Product Description:

X-Pro C Pre-Wax Gel deep cleans the skin to make it free from traces of oil or cream. It offers a non-greasy, clean feel enhances bonding of the wax to skin for superior depilation.


  • For All Skin Types
  • Clean the skin using X-Pro C Pre Wax Gel. On clean, dry skin apply a thin coat of wax in the direction of hair growth.
  • Apply the pre wax gel and massage gently. Wipe off using a towel / tissue and pat dry before wax application.
  • Not recommended on wounds, cuts, sun burnt or skin that is undergoing any other treatment or if there was an adverse reaction to waxing previously.
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