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  • Intenso Lightening Polish with Corn & Beetroot Extracts, Anti Tan Microbeads- 40 g

Intenso Lightening Polish with Corn & Beetroot Extracts, Anti Tan Microbeads- 40 g

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Intenso is powered by Tri-Lactiv Technology and promises high-end delivery via safe, potent ingredients sourced and tested from laboratories across the globe. Developed as a professional salon and clinical range used by Skin therapists, Intenso works to improve skin texture, look and feel and overall well being of the skin with regular use. A leading and popular choice among acclaimed skin aestheticians across geographies - Intenso's home care series is the most sought after care regimen among regular salon going customers. Now available to pamper and care for your skin.


  • ALIVE & KICKING - That's how your skin will feel after using the Intenso Lightening Polish - a highly effective, treatment based exfoliator (Face scrub) that removes dead cells and reveals clean, glowing skin.
  • IMPERFECTIONS CORRECTED - Skin issues like scars, marks, pigmentation, patches, tan will be irrelevant. This corrective treatment has nano scrub particles that slough away dead cells, fight pigmentation, work on dark spots, dullness and patchy areas on skin.
  • COMPLETE REJUVENATION - Anti-Tan microbeads remove stubborn signs of tan, photo damage and prep the skin for rejuvenation. Rapid renewal within 48 hours and Lo! You'll see a fantastic glow
  • NATURAL GOODNESS - Powered with Corn and Beetroot extracts that promise brighter, glowing skin and reduced skin imperfections with regular use as recommended. Take a small quantity and apply across clean face and neck, avoiding eye and sensitive zones. Leave on for 3 minutes, massage mildly and rinse thoroughly with cool water.
  • PROFESSIONAL FORMULATION - Trusted and recommended by skin therapists across salons and spas, this formulation comes to you with guaranteed results. To be used once in 4-5 days as per directions. Intenso Radiant White Sun Protection recommended post use of Intenso Lightening Polish for best results. Not recommended for Hyper sensitive skin / prone to acne.


•Recommended - Twice a week.

•Advisable to use only as per instructions given in the pack.

•Patch Test recommended for hyper sensitive, acne prone skin.

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