Minimum purchase of “Professional" products is Rs 1500 and are meant to be used by trained staff at professional salons only | Vita Verde Elixir d’Or Hair spa with Argan oil - in Single use kit for the FIRST TIME IN INDIA. Try it and get beautician incentive with every pack.

Estrella Philosophy

Estrella (pronounced es-thre-ya) represents a beautiful star, one that radiates beauty. The tri-star symbol represents a partnership of three key stakeholders - Entity (salon & spa business), Estheticians (skilled experts & professionals) & Enterprise (we, the company offering products and services) who work together to create beautiful, happy customers.

Estrella Professional - Beauty Beyond The Obvious

Together with our partners, we strive to deliver beauty as a value that’s perceptible yet intangible; that, which is Beauty Beyond The Obvious. Specifically developed & formulated for Indian skin, with inputs from globally acknowledged & reputed laboratories in Europe, produced in our own factory with highest manufacturing standards, effective active ingredients that are technologically advanced and safe are just some of the by-products in our eternal endeavor to seek Beauty Beyond The Obvious.

Improving salon profitability by leveraging technology, creating more value for customers through fresh experiences, reducing product complexity, enabling more revenues through new categories, - we are paving the path for a sustainable growth in the salon’s beauty business, Beauty Beyond The Obvious.

Enabling an Esthetician to handle complex formulae, empowering her to select the right treatment for her customer, upgrading her skills through world class training and building the esthetician’s profession as a preferred choice is our commitment that transcends - Beauty Beyond The Obvious.

Being a committed player in the professional care segment, our mission is to inspire & demonstrate sustainable growth that’s inclusive, vibrant & innovative. Together, we are committed to unveil Beauty Beyond The Obvious.

Estrella Professional and its associated brands are owned and marketed by Syona Cosmetics Private Limited -